Sunday, October 5, 2008


Just recently, I had a very vivid dream about an event I attended the day before...Nuit Blanche.
The dream contained images and streets that I had walked during the night. It made me think of
possible worlds theory in Philosophy and it's implications on dreaming. Was my dream an attempt to create a different Nuit Blanche experience, a new possible reality. Was my dream an attempt to make sense of overloaded memory of too much data from Nuit Blanche. What are dreams? Are they connections to a connected unconscious world.....are they it just a process for the brain making chemical connections in it's cells, when the body is asleep? What is a dream? Am I dreaming this writing on this blog right now, am I awake, are dreams just 'brain' storms at night? dreamdreamdreamdream

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minion said...

In my opinion, dreams are just a way of processing and filing your thoughts. Your unconscious mind makes a stew out of all your thought processes and plays them out as little stories- occasionally recalled by your conscious mind in the morning.